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Angelic Care

A Loving Adult Family Home in Sammamish

At Angelic Care, we are dedicated to providing exceptional senior care in a warm and welcoming adult family home in Sammamish. Our compassionate team offers personalized attention and support to ensure our residents feel safe, happy, and loved.

Who We Are

Gabe and Lory Capusan have been running this home for 17 years.Both being raise in an Adult Family Home, we knew what the needs and wants were for our special residents. It has brought us so much joy to raise our own children here. Our commitment is to maintain an enhanced quality and enjoyment of life. Respecting that each resident is unique; we tailor our services to each individual according to his/her needs, all in a warm, loving environment. Our home care and nursing services are built around your specific needs. We offer solutions for today and the security of knowing that there are options for tomorrow.

Our home is staffed by a trained professional team committed to providing quality care and services. We offer a range of services to meet the needs of our residents, including assistance with daily living activities, medication management, and personalized care plans.

At our Adult Family Home in Sammamish, we believe that every resident deserves to live with dignity, respect, and independence. That’s why we work closely with each resident and their family to create a care plan that is tailored to their unique needs and preferences.


What People Saying About Us

Carlyn Gauen

The capusan's home was by far a better environment than any she had experienced, including her last several years in her own home. This better environment was reflected by a positive change in her mood as well as in her health. One feauter that made the capusan's home so wonderful was that my mother spent her days with the family in the living area. She always had someone around and she loved the family environment.

For my mother, this transformed her life. Whereas she had experienced life as somewhat lonelyand unsettling, once with the Capusan's her spirits lifted. She was calm and happy. Additionaly her skin and overall health improved because she received excellent personal care daily.

Edward R. Horth

I wish to thank you for the care you provided my father when he lived in your home. You not only took excellent care of him, but you took him into your family and loved him. Your home was. immaculate, and all there who cared for him did so in a kind and gentle way. I know you were up with him many nights and you never complained. Dad loved where he lived and he told me that he never wanted to live anywhere else. He was happy in your home. He never had problems with his skin and I knew you took pride caring for him in a way that prevented so many of the complications that immobile older people experience. Falling was a big problem for him when he lived in assisted living. When he moved to your home, he never fell again. I cannot say enough for your home and the care you both provide.

    Lisa Stimach

    Your entire family provided wonderful, tender, loving care during Carol's time with you. As Carol required assistance with everything and wasn't always able to communicate what she needed, we appreciate the exceptional job you did taking care of her and including her as part of your family. I was especially pleased with the extra individual time and attention Carol was able to receive by being in your home. You were so diligent in making sure she was as comfortable as possible - applying lotion several times a day, helping to make sure she drank all her liquids, sitting with her and talking with her even when there wasn't always a response, and noticing immediately if there were any changes in her condition. I also loved the little extra niceties you did, like painting Carol's finger nails! You and your family did a wonderful job coordinating everything necessary with hospice for all the various visits and taking care of everything when she passed away.

    Not only did you make Carol feel comfortable, your family was always welcoming of her family and friends visiting. I always felt welcome to stop by anytime. Your home, itself, has a very comforting, positive, and peaceful atmosphere.

    Mike Conner Ress

    Our mom, Ann Kress, went to live at Angelic Care in April 2009. She was their first resident and lived there for a year before she passed away. While there, she received excellent care, both physical and emotional. This was our first experience with a family group home. We were very impressed that her care was tailored to her needs and likes. Lory would often cook her favorite meals of pork chops, chicken legs and shrimp- and always had a cookie for her after meals. They played endless games of cards (her favorite activity) with her.

    During the year she was there, she had two urinary tract infections. Prior infections, when she lived in assisted living facilities, had put her in the hospital for several days; but the keen observation of the caregivers at Angelic Care allowed her to be taken to the doctor and put on antibiotics before her condition warranted hospitalization.

    Ann always seemed happy when we visited and she, and the home, was kept very clean. We felt like Ann was a part of their family and was treated with love and respect while in their care.

    We would recommend Angelic Care to anyone needing care for a loved one.

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